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Recommended Delicious Food in Bali, Very Delicious!

Talking about Balinese cuisine, we have Recommended Delicious Food in Bali that you must try while on vacation to Bali.


– Ayam Betutu


Betutu is a typical Balinese dish in the form of steamed chicken or duck with the addition of spices that are rich in the taste of Balinese spices. This spicy dish is very popular and has been worldwide you know! Betutu in every region in Bali has different ways of cooking and unique spices, all of which have their own characteristics and uniqueness.

– Babi Guling


Be Guling is the favorite of many people! The way of cooking is quite unique, this culinary one is cooked with whole pork added with Balinese spices and then roasted traditionally until golden brown. You must try Be Guling! This food is very tasty and crunchy

– Nasi Campur Bali


Explore Bali is not complete if you haven’t tasted the culinary Nasi Campur Bali. Nasi Campur Bali is a typical Balinese food that contains rice and various side dishes, such as satay lilit, lawar, shredded chicken, sambal matah, and many more. The price is very affordable!

– Rujak Kuah Pindang


Rujak Kuah Pindang is a favorite culinary of the Balinese people. This culinary one uses the main ingredient Bulung (seaweed) or fresh fruit mixed with pindang sauce, it tastes delicious and of course very healthy!

– Serombotan


Serombotan is also a type of Balinese food, especially Klungkung. The vegetables and spices used to make this Serombotan are slightly different, the spices used are made from spices such as turmeric, kencur, galangal, and spicy peanut sauce which is known as kalas. Serombotan is usually served with Nasi Sela with vegetables such as kale, long beans, spinach, bean sprouts, beans, bitter melon and eggplant.

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– Tipat Cantok


Tipat Cantok is a traditional Balinese food that is common and can be found easily in Bali. This dish is made from steamed vegetables such as long beans, kale, and others, complemented by ketupat mixed with peanut sauce. Sometimes some people add soy sauce to add sweetness to this dish. Tipat Cantok can be found in small stalls to large restaurants.

Jaje Laklak


Jaje Laklak is a typical Balinese snack made from rice flour. This snack has a light green or white color mixed with grated coconut and then doused with Balinese sugar sauce. Have you ever tried?

– Lawar


Lawar is a typical Balinese food in the form of a side dish of mixed vegetables and meat cooked with special spices. Although originally made with pork, many kok lawar are made with chicken or duck meat.

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