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Seminyak is a village in the Badung district that is popular with both domestic and international tourists. There are many beaches and cafes in the Seminyak area that are ideal for hanging out with friends or couples. Do you want to go to a cozy cafe in Seminyak? Here are some recommendations for Seminyak cafes that are both comfortable and popular in the area. You can come to hang out or work remotely.

Pison Coffee Seminyak

Pison Coffee Seminyak is the first coffee shop we recommend in Seminyak. The location is cool and appropriate for those of you who want to hang out. Pison Coffee Seminyak serves fusion cuisine as well as a variety of coffees. This cafe has an advantage in its interior design, with beautifully designed ambient lighting. This place is ideal for those who enjoy coffee and various fusion dishes and enjoy a comfortable hangout spot with a cool interior design while sipping coffee. Pison Coffee Seminyak is an excellent choice for you to try.

Starbucks Reserve Dewata

Starbucks Reserve Dewata is the name of the location, which is also known as Starbucks Coffee Sanctuary Bali. The front interior of this coffee shop on Sunset Road is decorated with brickwork that resembles the waves on Bali’s beaches. When viewed from Sunset Boulevard, the brick arrangement appears to move like waves. Starbucks Reserve Dewata, the largest Starbucks store in Southeast Asia, also has advanced features. An Arabica coffee garden, a rotating animated zoetrope made of natural and synthetic palm tree trunks, a glass-roofed coffee nursery, an interactive media installation, and a media center are among the attractions. Then there are carved wooden decorations, Balinese gate gardens, coffee plants in pots placed on tables, coffee bean pattern tiles, Balinese-style mermaid tail carvings, terrace-shaped bar tables, macrame, and so on for sweetener displays inside Starbucks. Balinese culture is represented by this mural.

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Coffee Seminyak Bali

Titik Temu Coffee

Seminyak has a lot of unique and cool hangout spots. Seminyak Titik Temu Coffee, located on Jalan Kayu Cendana no.1, is one of them. The Bean Bag seating and a table stored on a stretch of grass at Titik Temu Coffee are interesting features. However, this hangout is only open until 8 p.m., so you won’t be able to stay for long. Titik Temu Coffee’s food menu offers a variety of options at reasonable prices. You can sip quality coffee while listening to live music. There is a really enjoyable outdoor area.

La Plancha Seminyak

La Plancha Seminyak is a popular hangout and coffee shop in Seminyak, Bali. Every afternoon, this place is packed with tourists who come to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. If you want to watch the sunset at La Plancha, arrive at 17:00 to get the best and most comfortable seat. There is no minimum number of orders required to reserve a table; simply order one type of food and one type of drink for one person. La Plancha’s seating is brightly colored and festive. The food menu is priced at Rp. 65.000 per portion, and the Camomile tea is priced at Rp. 35,000. The price of food and drinks is quite high, but it is comparable to the exciting atmosphere while watching the sunset in Seminyak.

Livingstone Café and Bakery

The fourth coffee shop in Seminyak is Livingstone Cafe & Bakery, which not only serves coffee but also a variety of cakes in a comfortable and modern setting. Aside from that, the place is very clean, the interior is dominated by neutral colors, the lighting is excellent, and it is furnished with marble tables and chairs. There is a buro, or shop, on the top floor that sells fashion and decoration items, as well as a coffee bar. The concept presented is a cafe and bakery that combines a cafe and a bakery. This location is ideal for those who want to hang out with friends over a delicious cup of coffee and snacks, as well as those who want to enjoy the atmosphere with family.

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