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Best coffee place in Bali in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu and Uluwatu.


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The Bali Island area does have its own charm. Where one of them there are many coffee shops or cafes lined up on every street. It can even be said that the distance between these cafes is not too far.

Various coffee shops offer original coffee variants from the archipelago, this is because the quality of the coffee is quite good. The aroma of the brewed coffee wafted outside the cafe, making visitors feel at home because of this. You don’t have to worry about choosing a place that suits you. The following is a list of favorite coffee shops in Bali, for those of you who want to find breakfast or enjoy a cup of coffee. here’s the best coffee place in bali



1. Blacklist Coffee Roasters

(Src :@blacklistcoffee.bali)

Blacklist Coffee Roaster, Tanah Barak is a coffee shop located in Bali. This coffee shop serves a variety of coffee, western & bakery menus which are priced at low prices and are friendly to your pocket. If you’re looking for a price list for Blacklist Coffee Roaster, Tanah Barak, you’ve come to the right place. Below will be discussed in full what menus are sold by Blacklist Coffee Roaster, Tanah Barak and their prices.

Blacklist Coffee Roasters, Jl Tanah Barak No.6, Canggu, IG: @blacklistcoffee.bali

2. BGS Bali

(Src :@bgsbali)

BGS Canggu is the best coffee shop & hidden gem in Canggu. Stop by for the best coffee around, wifi, surf essentials, snacks, beer and a bunch of friendly faces who will soon become your new friends.

BGS Bali, Canggu: Jl Munduk Catu No.1 || Dreamland: Jl Raya Uluwatu No77x

3. Hungry Bird

(Src :@hungrybirdcoffee)

Hungry Bird Coffee Roastery has been meeting the demands of notable cafes in Bali and across Indonesia. Run by a national award winning team in Canggu, Bali, they integrate the island’s laid-back nature alongside the purpose to supply the clientele with quality local and imported coffee. The roastery works closely with local coffee farms, producing valued green beans while ensuring the fair trade system is respected to support the local farmers. They firmly believe that quality coffee is delivered from the hands of the farmer, the roaster, then the barista. For this reason, they strive to consistently collaborate with those in the industry and work towards sourcing great coffee, both locally and internationally grown. They also provide high-level barista training.

Hungry Bird, Jl Raya Semat No. 86, Canggu

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4. RUKO Cafe

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Ruko Cafe is one of the cafes in the Canggu area that can serve its food menu really well. No wonder, even though the restaurant is minimalist in its area, many visitors are impressed by the food. Let’s take a peek at the beautiful menu at Ruko Cafe.

RUKO Cafe, Jl Pantai Berawa No. 99, Canggu.

5. Satu-Satu Coffee Company

(Src :@satusatucoffeecompany)

The One-Only in Berawa opened in honor of the Sudana family, who are renowned in Bali for producing some of the best quality coffee on the island since 1985. They have family owned coffee plantations in Lawak, Belok, Sidan, Petang and Badung, and have always focused on producing coffee with natural way. They use only traditional Balinese methods to ensure the highest level of organic coffee, and to guarantee superior freshness and taste. In fact, the coffee here is highly valued, the Indonesian government has provided the Sudana family with the machines and equipment to help facilitate its growth and expansion, including the opening of the Satu-One cafe in Berawa, where you can taste this legendary coffee.

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Satu-Satu Coffee Company, Jl Raya Pantai Berawa No. 36, Canggu.

6. Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee

(Src :@bootstrapcoldbrew)

Bootstrap Beverages is a company that specializes in cold brews made from 100% Arabica beans, which are sourced and produced sustainably from their family-run farms in Bali Kintamani. They use all-natural ingredients in their products without including additional sweeteners, awesome Their cold brew teas are made in collaboration with Kindred Teas, who provides premium artisanal tea blends.

Bootstrap, Jl Tumbak Bayuh, Canggu – Mengwi.

7. Cafe Vida

(Src :@cafe_vida_bali)

Cafe Vida is an organic restaurant & boutique espresso coffee shop located in the heart of Canggu, Bali. Bringing you only the best local organic produce grown without using any chemicals and fertilizers on permaculture farms in Bali’s volcanic soil. this coffee & eat place does not use palm oil, refined cane sugar, wheat flour or MSG in the kitchen and uses only the best ingredients for all their dishes and drinks. they cook with quality stainless steel pans and don’t use aluminum in the kitchen.

Cafe Vida, Jl Pantai Batu Bolong No. 38A, Canggu.


1. Expat. Roasters

(Src :@expatroasters)

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2. Revolver Espresso

(Src :@revolver.bali)

Revolver Espresso Bali – As a place to be visited by tourists, Bali must have many shops, one of which is in the coffee shop. There are many coffee shops in Bali that serve a variety of coffee drinks and food, sure to make your stomach comfortable. Talking about coffee, there is also a coffee that is more popular in Seminyak, Bali. This coffee shop is named Revolver Bali. This coffee shop is located in the Seminyak area, Bali. Revolver Bali itself has several branch names such as Revolver Oberoi, Baby Revolver, and Revolver Canggu.

Revolver Espresso, Jl Kayu Aya (Oberoi), Gang 51 #3 Oberoi, Seminyak.

3. Coffee Cartel

(Src :@coffeecartelbali)

Coffee Cartel Using their specialist Ripple Machine and using patented printing technology, Coffee Cartel can recreate any image or text right on top of your cappuccino or foam latte. In fact, Coffee Cartel has become a cool cult cafe, they opened a second location in Legian, where they roast their own mix using local and imported beans. And just like the Seminyak location, in Legian you’ll find the Coffee Cartel’s signature pink interior, adorned with cute cactus pots, a subtle Mexican aesthetic and gold tableware. Love!

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Coffee Cartel, Jl Lebak Sari No.8, Petitenget.

4. Pison Coffee

(Src :@pisoncoffee)

Pison Coffee Ubud Bali, is a cafe or hangout that has beautiful and soothing natural views. This place also presents a lot of certain attractions that make this place more crowded. this cafe has a delicious coffee taste and is probably the best in Bali. When you visit and enter this cafe for those of you who like coffee or you are coffee lovers, you will definitely get your attention when you see the coffee machine above the Pison Coffee bar counter. , from machines to filter coffee this place is very complete.

Pison Coffee, Jl Petitenget 19, Seminyak.

5. Titik Temu Coffee

(Src :@titiktemucoffee)

Titik Temu Coffee brings back the old experience in a modern setting with the utmost commitment of serving quality coffee, all-day breakfast and light snacks. Titik Temu refers to ‘meeting point’ in Indonesian, relating to Indonesian desire of fostering relationships over a good cup of coffee and delights. From the olden days, the localized Warung Kopi (Coffee Stalls) in Indonesia would have long tables as a meeting point for workers to sit on the ground talking about daily matters while eating and sipping coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. At Titik Temu, good coffee and delectable bites are served in a very minimalistic setting, with long wooden tables, a staircase for communion, and lots of breezy greenery.

Titik Temu Coffee, Jl Kayu Cendana No.1, Seminyak.

6. The Koop Roaster & Cafe

(Src :@thekoopcafe)

The Koop Roaster & Cafe, Seminyak is a place to eat in Bali. This restaurant serves a variety of coffee, western & sweets menus which are priced at low prices and are friendly to your pocket.

The Koop Roaster & Cafe, Jl Drupadi No. 66, Seminyak.

7. Djournal Coffee

(Src :@djournalcoffee)

Djournal Coffee came to Bali from Jakarta, Bandung and Singaraja (there are more than sixteen Djournal addresses in Indonesia!) and this nationwide brand is all about bringing you a great cup of coffee using Indonesian-origin beans. With a whole collection of artisan brews ranging from espresso based coffees, to pour over, syphon and even cold drip, Djournal is a coffee-sipping Nirvana, overlooking an emerald green rice paddy to top it all off. And if you’re not into caffeine, there’s plenty more on the menu, like the cold-as-ice Nutella Blast, or the Green Tea Freeze, best paired with Djournal’s famous Eggs Benedict Batavia.

Djournal Coffee, Jl Petitenget (next to Ibis Styles Hotel).


1. Seniman Coffee Studio

(Src :@senimancoffee)

Seniman coffee is one of Indonesia’s leading specialty coffee and design brands. Artists believe there is a revolution in specialty coffee. If the 3rd Wave of coffee occurs in coffee consuming countries then the 4th Wave is the ‘3rd Wave’ that occurs in coffee producing countries. Seniman is a green coffee bean processor, coffee exporter, roaster, designer, maker, explorer and proudly based in Indonesia – Artists are the 4th Wave. The artist focuses on quality coffee that ensures a unique customer experience. Artists design coffee, produce coffee, use coffee, roast coffee and enjoy it.

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Seniman Coffee Studio, Jl Sriwedari No. 5, Ubud.

2. FREAK Coffee

(Src :@freakcoffee_bali)

Freak stands for Fresh Roasted ‘Enak’ Arabica from Kintamani. Using the highest grade local organic arabica grown in the highlands of Bali, their coffee comes from a small plantation in Kintamani, producing the finest organic, shade-grown beans. Roast daily so that espresso is served as fresh as possible, usually within 24 hours after roasting
They use state of the art Rancilio espresso machines & Mazzer grinders and their baristas are versed in the craft of espresso. At Freak, espresso is a tradition to be learned, practiced and honored.

FREAK Coffee, Jl Hanoman No.19, Ubud.

3. Anomali Coffee

(Src :@anomali.bali)

Anomali Coffee is a coffee roaster company providing specialty coffee that signify a designated premium quality of the coffee in your cup. Anomali Coffee offers variety of coffee beans from all over Indonesia, each region has its own original coffee.

Our mission is to Promoting and Curating Indonesia Specialty Coffee through Educations and Experience.

Since then, Anomali Coffee has established itself as a prominent coffee producer specializing in freshly roasted coffee, with the highest standard made by our home roasters, focused on helping all of keys players in this journey from seed to cup.

As a coffee roaster company , Anomali Coffee presents variant flavour of Indonesia Specialty Coffee with unique authentic taste and aroma. The products are made passionately using only the best quality ingredients. Anomali Coffee faithfully promote and curate Indonesia Specialty Coffee through experience and education, introduce them as one of Indonesian heritage.Our coffee is destined for coffee connoi seurs and also for the Hotel, Restaurant, and Café sector, household and office consumption.

Anomali Coffee, Jl Raya Ubud No.88, Ubud.


1. Drifter Surf Shop & Cafe

(Src :@driftercafeuluwatu)

Drifter Cafe Uluwatu serves healthy fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a focus on clean, fresh local ingredients that cater to our surfing needs and active lifestyle, we have organic whole food options for everyone from plant-based to pescatarian. The cafe also brews some of Indonesia’s finest coffee from the Mandailing Estate in Sumatra. We also serve a selection of nutritious cold juices from our Norwalk juicers, and a variety of other specialty drinks.

Drifter Surf Shop & Cafe, Jl Labuan Sait No.52, Uluwatu.

2. Suka Espresso

(Src :@sukaespresso)

A cafe in Uluwatu with a love for simple things and doing it well. Specialty coffee sourced from Indonesia and South America, roasted locally in Bali. here also serves all your favorite cafe breakfast foods, healthy bowls, french bagels sandwiches.

Suka Espresso, Jl Labuansait, Badung.

3. JinjeRoot Coffee

(Src :@jinjeroot)

JinjeRoot Coffee, Uluwatu is a place to eat in Bali. This restaurant serves a variety of drinks, bread & coffee menus which are priced at low prices and are friendly to your pocket. If you are looking for a menu price list for JinjeRoot Coffee, Uluwatu.

JinjeRoot Coffee, Jl Uluwatu No.4, Ungasan.

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