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5 Balinese chili sauces that you must try

Besides the delicious taste, chili sauce is also a must-have food companion. There are many Balinese special chili sauces that you must try if you are on vacation in Bali

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1.Sere Sauce /  Sambel Sere

Sambal sere or lemongrass which is delicious eaten with mixed rice. The ingredients for making it are quite simple, it requires lemongrass, chili, shallots, shrimp paste, and lime juice. All ingredients are mixed in a bowl, then doused with hot oil. Then, serve.

2.Sager Gerih Sauce / Sambel Sager Gerih

Sambal sager gerih literally means dried fish lawar. Using small anchovies that taste salty. This chili sauce is known as the typical chili sauce of Tabanan, Bali. Crispy sager chili mixed with grated toasted coconut adds to the enjoyment.

3.Embe Sauce / Sambel Embe

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Sambal embe is made from shallots, bird’s eye chilies, green bird’s eye chilies, cooked shrimp paste, lime juice, and salt. The chilies are fried until wilted and mashed with other spices. served with fresh sour lime juice.

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4.Uyah Lengis Sauce / Sambel Uyah Lengis

Sambal uyah lengis is cooked using salt and oil mixed with raw chili sauce. The oil used is household-made clentic oil.

5. Matah Sauce / Sambel Matah

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Sambal matah is a traditional Balinese condiment that can be found throughout the province of Bali. Sambal means sambal, and matah means raw. Sambal matah is chili sauce made from raw without being crushed (pulled). The ingredients for the sambal matah are: shallots, garlic, red chilies, shrimp paste, salt, lemongrass, lime juice and coconut oil.

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